• function



clean(url[, opts])


  1. url {String}

    the path to a page or a JS file

  2. options {Object}Optional

    an optional set of params. If you want to turn on steal, this should be true.

Beautifies source code with JS Beautify and checks it for trouble spots with JSLint.

The following cleans all scripts found in myapp/myapp.html.

./js steal/cleanjs myapp/myapp.html


Typically, steal.clean is used from the command line steal/cleanjs script. It takes a path to an html or js file on the filesystem and a list of options. It then updates the file or files in place.

Using on a single file

./js steal/cleanjs myapp/myapp.js

Using on many files

./js steal/cleanjs myapp/myapp.html

Turning on JSLint and other options

Turn on JSLint like:

./js steal/cleanjs myapp/myapp.js -jslint true

You can pass other options in a similar way.

The clean script

When you generate a JavaScriptMVC application, it comes with a steal script. You can modify the options in this file.

Ignoring Files

To ignore a file from your application, mark it as clean with a comment like:


The steal.clean function

Takes a relative path to a file on the filesystem; checks if it is a html page or a single js file; runs beautify on it then optionally runs JSLint.